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Gap Boots Patrick Robinson; Agyness Strips; Pippa's Dress Goes Mass-Market Faster than Kate's

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Did you know Marimekko makes cute dresses as well as bedding? These classic pop brights are coming to the U.S.! Image via MarimekkoBlog.

· Donate your fab-but-underused evening dress to Cinderella Project for needy teens at prom! [LAT]

· Terrible sales at Gap; head designer Patrick Robinson dismissed [Racked Nat'l]
· Marimekko to open a store in NYC, add e-commerce [Forbes]
· 'Tis the season for redheads [JCReport]
· Agyness Deyn to play a stripper in new film [Telegraph]
· Michelle Obama dances the Dougie in neon Zero Maria Cornejo [Fashionista]
· Even trade? Give retailers your personal info, they give discounts, freebies [WSJ]

· Less than a bag, but just as heavy: Mulberry's 40th annvrsy. book [Creative Review]
· Is Carla Bruni pregnant? [HuffPo]
· Pippa's dress outshines Kate's in the mass-market dress replica frenzy [NYT]

Zero + Maria Cornejo

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