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Eco Friendly, and Fashionable Too: Popup at Natural Mind

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It's only fitting that high-end, ecologically minded hair boutique Natural Mind would want to introduce clients (and the bigger community) to fashion and accessories designers who are committed to the same "tread lightly" ideals. Which is why they hosted an "eco luxe" popup sale, showcasing local talent who fuse sustainability with style.

We made a few new discoveries, including a line of handbags and leather goods from Venice artist Beth Springer. She works primarily in reclaimed materials and leather, and creates functional, unique pretty pieces. She has a wide repertoire -- among the things we liked were a white wallet made of tooled leather, a slouchy tie-dyed suede convertible sack and messenger bag, and those great fuzzy clutches -- but they all somehow go together and look like they're part of the same line.

Next up: vintage-inspired dresses from Kristinit. Her dresses and blouses have a modern/retro feel that's in the same vein as Geren Ford. There are dresses with interesting pleats, feminine, slim fitting blouses, a few pieces made from hammered silk (including a jumper with harem pants that were were just SHOCKED by how cute it was)?and the thing that made us coo was a dress made from some simply adorbs reclaimed fabric We don't know if we'd have the cojones to wear it, but it was super-cute and made us smile.

Anita Arze brought some spring and fall pieces. She works with wools and apalca, and she's made pieces that are perfect even for warmer months, with vibrant colors, loose knit and lightweight construction. (And keep in mind, this sultry heat we've been enjoying could end tomorrow and, like last summer, we could be stuck with another two months of gloom and THEN you'll have wished you stocked up on layerable knits.)

The popup also featured whimsical jewelry from Sweet Spruce by Los Feliz artisan Patti Troisi. The jewelry and accessories combine simple ideas with architectural flourishes -- like the bright feathers secured with a gold flourish, or the simple leather square earrings. We're not sure if it was planned that way, but the jewelry seemed to nicely complement all of the other offerings of the popup.

A few of the lines are featured in local boutiques, but you can purchases most all of the wares from their respective websites.
· Anita Arze [Official Site]
· Beth Springer [Official Site]
· Kristinit [Official Site]
· Sweet Spruce [Official Site]