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The End is Near: Sigerson Morrison Shuttering on June 15

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We were in the neighborhood, investigating a tip from a reader. Turns out it's true: Sigerson Morison is closing in two weeks. We'd been watching the Sigerson Morrison sample sale scandal on Racked NY, wondering when the proverbial other shoe would drop; turns it out's now.

All the merch (bags and the Belle line, too), is currently 50% off. Including a lot of really beautiful summer sandals, wedges and heels. We tried, and failed, to discreetly snap pictures of some of the goods, but since we were outnumbered by the staff?which is never a good sign, especially on a busy shopping weekend.

We're hearing different messages about the fate of the brand. We were told by a clerk that the brand itself is doing quite fine, thanks for asking, and that closing this store is part of a long-term strategy. From Racked NY, we read, "?Sigerson Morrison is a very happy and very healthy brand these days!" But Merle Ginsberg has a different take: "There will be NO fall 2011 collection – the brand looks like it’s saying goodbye in finality, which is a damn shame."
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