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The Artful Glass of Paula Hayes at Zero + Maria Cornejo

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Elizabeth Daniels, 5/11

It's a trend of which we whole-heartedly approve: retail establishments showcasing the visual arts, exhibiting work from established, talented artists. This is kind of a no-brainer for a store like Zero + Maria Cornejo, since the store itself is a "just so" showcase for Maria's arty, conceptual designs. The store is currently exhibiting Paula Hayes, who works with blown glass and ceramics. Hayes is a good fit for the store: like Cornejo, Hayes fuses the earthy with the ethereal to create work that's smart but still accessible. Most recently, her work was on display in the lobby of MoMA, and she's an internationally celebrated landscape architect. Hayes created a series of crystal garden terrariums in interesting shapes, and filled with with beautiful, intriguing contents from the natural world. In a few, she's created mini-versions of the desert and a tropical island; a few others are sort of like psychedelic snowglobes. They're all available for purchase, and these pretty glass pieces will grace the store through the end of June.
· Zero + Maria Cornejo [Official Site]

Zero + Maria Cornejo

8408 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA 90069 323-782-4915 Visit Website