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Chemline's Spring Frolic a Showcase for New Looks and Sounds

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We know we can count on discovering interesting new design talent at charming Chinatown boutique Chemline, but at last Saturday night's spring party, we discovered an awesome new musical find: Mansions on the Moon. They start with a foundation that's equal parts indie rock and smooth R&B, then layer on gorgeous vocal harmonies and soaring synth lines. The sound is both glossy and a little bit dirty; they're already made fans out of people like Diplo and Pharrell Williams. And now us, too.

Chemline proprietor/designer Averi Bell threw a party to showcase the new spring and summer offerings from her current lineup that includes Lavuk, ISM Mode, jewelry by Darrel Roach and Tiffany Kunz, Ashley Watson, and Kelly Lane. We're really feeling the new pieces from Lavuk and ISM Mode: Lavuk pieces tend to be more playful, casual and unstructured, while ISM Mode works a look that's vintage without being the least bit kitschy or twee.

Following a lineup that included the soon-to-be-famous Mansions on the Moon, super cute clothing collections and free booze is no small feat, but KCRW's Raul Campos rounded out the night with his trademark mix of worldly funk-electro and straight-up 'boogie your ass off' tunes. Averi has promised that they'll have another party of this magnitude towards the end of summer, but we hope she'll consider making these shindigs a regular thing.
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