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Jump Into Euro Transplant OnePiece

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Here's the story: three Norwegians were nursing their hangovers, and were pretty irked that their sweatshirts kept riding up and their sweatpants kept slipping down while they were trying to get in some quality couch time. Cut to their epiphany to sew the tops and bottoms together into a zip front, one piece sweatsuit, and a new clothing brand was born. (Impressive, considering all we muster after a night of too many cocktails is a gnarly burrito craving.)

OnePiece has blown up in Europe, first as an apres-ski look in Scandinavia and then as a street trend in countries beyond, endorsed by fashion forwards like Sadie Frost, Florence Welch and Agness Deyn, who even hosted a OnePiece birthday party. Now, the first US retail store has landed in our own Los Angeles, and we hear that stateside teeny-bop celebs like Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith are already fans. The big question is whether this pricy high-concept attire can cross over from novelty item to bona fide fashion movement.

The $198 - $220 jumpsuits are made in a wide variety of colors and patterns - from solids, to snowflakes, to stars and stripes, to more athletic and collegiate styles - although the basic cut remains the same. The sizes range from XXS to XL (the only difference between being length), and each has front and hip pockets, plus a hood and a zipper that goes up from the inseam and down from the neck. A lighter weight fabric was developed for our sunny west coast clime, and a line of short OnePieces is also in the works.

It's hard for us to imagine anyone wearing the fuzzy blue polyester version out of the house (hello, Cookie Monster), but we can see the comfort factor finding early adopters among those who can abide investing in function for a price - like parent-supported college students, well-paid back-up dancers and Malibu locals. The brand is positioning itself as the perfect antidote for people who are feeling self-conscious, which we can appreciate in a season that will doubtless bring us more booty- and midriff-baring pieces than we can stand - but we still wonder if rolling around town in an adult-onesie is a way to deflect unwanted attention. We're definitely interested to see.

Official Website [OnePiece]