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Calypso St. Barth X Target: Slightly More of the Same

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Remember last year's Liberty of London X Target mania, when entire sections of Target (most notably, housewares) got decimated as aggro shoppers swooped up everything with a print on it?

Yeah, well that didn't happen with the Calypso St. Barth line. Which isn't to say that it's not cute and priced right on the money. It's just that it all looks so similar to what Target already carries.

Like Liberty, this collab has tendrils reaching through nearly every department in the store -- clothing, bags, scarves, shoes, underwear, housewares, kitchen goods. (We did not check home & garden, beauty or pharmaceuticals, but it's not too much of a stretch to imagine Target X Calypso St. Barth fragrances. Or lawn gnomes.)

The WeHo Target seems to be pretty generously stocked. As far as the clothing, shoes and accessories go. Lots of beachy dresses (a few of them are not has hale as they looked online, so they're more like swim coverups), blouses and other clothing items that blend right in with the Target house line. The accessories stand out a little more -- although in the case of the matronly fake-brass elephant belt, that may not be a good thing. Slightly better were both the sand and the sky-colored espadrilles, which, at 11am on Sunday, they still had in every size, and the canvas and sequined beach bags -- hey, as long as you're in the bag section, why not pick up one of the Linea Pelle bags? Actually, why don't you wait, since no one else appears to be buying them, this stuff has got to get marked down soon. Is it too much of a left-handed compliment to say that, out of all the wearable stuff, the scarves seemed to be the nicest items?

It's appealing stuff, but for most of the items, there's simply no wow factor. We say "most"; we perused the collection with a similarly-minded pal and while most of the clothing and accessories simply elicited a mehhhhhhhhhhh, the housewares and kitchen stuff were pretty fantastic. Like tie-dye serving plates, throw pillows?our personal favorite was the elephant teapot.
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