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ABS Allen Schwartz Royal Wedding Gown Knockoff for a Good Cause

The ABS replica, at right (duhh)<span></span>
The ABS replica, at right (duhh)

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Even if a wedding is a once-, twice-, or maybe three times, TOPS, in a lifetime thing, who among us can pony up $67,000 for a dress, which is what Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen couture wedding gown costs (at least, with the conversion rate of the moment)? ABS Allen Schwartz has recreated the dress, which is being auctioned off to benefit Race to Erase MS. The dress, which seems like a decent enough copy, has an estimated worth of $5,000. The auction started on Friday and goes through May 16. Your odds to pick this up cheap are lookin' good: the bidding starts at $400, but so far, there are zero bids. We love the fine print on the auction site: "Dress will be custom created to the size of the winning bidder." (So you won't have to worry about paying money for something you may not be able to cram yourself into.) Also: "May not be returned or exchanged." Duh!
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