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Just a Few of Our Favorites From Unique LA

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Since Unique LA is really booming, in terms of being a well know brand and a trusted arbiter of local taste, it can be exhausting to make it through the whole event. Especially since, as it grows, there's unavoidable overlap -- lots of tee screen printers who use sustainable cottons and art from local designers; organic, fair trader bakers; feathers up the ying-yang; that kind of thing. So rather than clog your computer with 5,000 pictures that document every single booth, we've created a somewhat biased look at some of the best parts of Unique LA.

Taxi CDC. This local company specializes in remade/redesigned vintage at really sweet price points (dresses for $65 and less). And they've got a storefront on Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park.

50 Dresses. Nothing super revolutionary, just really playful, easy-to-wear dresses made in LA. The right blend of Etsy inventiveness and mainstream polish.

Eva Franco. This well-established LA label is hardly a secret. But they came bearing a lot of pretty, value-priced frocks and separates. What's not to love? That, alone, is worth the price of admission.

Kelley Hart. For those of you that have, or are fond of, children, this is a name you should know. She does really adorable kids clothes that straddle the line between being kiddie and looking like miniature adult wear. Yes, she's local and works with sustainable, eco fabrics. And how great is the packaging?

De La Luna Designs. Gorgeous, poppy hand-painted vintage pieces. The art is very tattoo-inspired, and the overall look is pinup chick/fashionable rockabetty. The color combos are eye-popping. Fun idea, terrific execution.

DKNG Studios. What made these art posters really stand out to us was the combo of bold graphics and really clever ideas -- just look at the Aziz Ansari poster and you'll see what we're talking about.

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