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Yay/Boo: Dolce Vita Melrose Place Closing Means Big Sale

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We received an email from a reader last week, asking if we knew what was up the Dolce Vita on Melrose Place closing at the end of the month. Since the closing was being marked with a big sale, we made it a priority to find out.

Turns out, the lease on that particular store is up, and the company is deciding not to focus much on retail, since Dolce Vita is doing really well, selling to everyone from KarmaLoop to Neiman Marcus. Relax -- the brand isn't going anywhere, but the merchandise is pretty much flying out of the store.

There are some amazing buys right now, too. 40% off current shoes; past season shoes for $49.95 (including the clog-bottomed boot and pump), and tall boots for $49.95. The clothing is also 40% off -- there's not much left, but there are some outstanding dresses from Rachel Pally, Leyendecker, Sass & Bide and the company's own line. And that 40% off is off reduced prices, too, which means you could take home that gorgeous, funky Leyendecker for just over $50, or the ruched, drapey Sass & Bide for $164. They're also selling off their stock of RGB nail polish for $5 a pop. This is definitely not something you want to sleep on!
· Dolce Vita [Official Site]

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