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Where's the Money, Lebowski? Buy the Dude's Original Pendleton Sweater

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If you really want a sweater that ties the room together, head to Beverly Hills this weekend (or bid online) for the original Pendleton sweater that Jeff Bridges wore in the Coen Brothers' cult film "The Big Lebowski." For Bridges' now-classic role as pothead and lounger par excellence Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski, costume designer Mary Zophres found a wool Pendleton grandpa sweater from the 1970s and had three copies made. Yet Bridges only wore this one - and he never took it off for the entire duration of the shoot, so as to "delve deeper into the "Dudeness" required of the role." You will, however, need to dig deep into your pockets: the going bid was $11,000 on Thursday, not including tax, auction fees, shipping, and, um, premiums.

If you're fans like us, don't be fatuous - that's a lot of cash! Because if you're obviously not a golfer, or a nihilist, you probably can't afford it. But rest assured, it won't be a f***ing tragedy. Pendleton is making a tribute version of the sweater that sells for $188, shipping this fall. You can toast to your savings with a White Russian or three.

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