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12 Street by Cynthia Vincent Sale Brings a Brisk But Not Crazy Crowd

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This time around, the 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent sample sale is just that -- only Cynthia Vincent, no Re/Collection or Mike & Chris or anything else. But don't let that stop you: there are some really fun buys, including ample samples. Which, at $40, are killer deals. There's even a designated few racks with nothing but samples -- at least there used to be; probably after the first hour, the rhyme and reason got trashed. (We did notice all kinds of signs that said if you were caught throwing clothes on the floor, you'd be asked to leave -- so keep it neat, ladies.) Non-sample prices were as follows: Dresses/Caftans $100, dresses with beading $130, rompers $80 (no additional charge for the stigma that comes with wearing a romper), slip dresses for $60, sweaters and vests for $100, blouses for $60 and tanks for $50. There were a few random markdowns, like Navajo sweater jackets for $60.

The sample shoe selection is kind of awesome (which we say because there were a lot of 8s and 9s). Sample shoes and boots were $40, and different prices on the production shoes. The good news is that the production shoes, though more expensive, came in a good selection of sizes. We only spotted a couple of different handbags for $100. We passed (maybe you'll understand when you see the pictures).

All in all, there's some really outstanding recent merchandise. If you're a big Cynthia Vincent fan, we'll definitely recommend it. However, if you're more of a fan of sample sales, in general, and the idea of scoring supercheap deals on the merchandise, you've got to be willing to dig for the true samples (or get there first thing tomorrow morning). The sale is on the 4th floor of the Cooper Building, and it goes until 4:30pm today, then again tomorrow, 10am to 4:30pm.
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