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Jeffrey Levin Jewelry Pops Up in Fluxus Stores

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Sometimes it takes a lot of work to look effortless. We see stylish girls who appear to have gotten dressed in five minutes, but actually throwing on items that have been rumpled on the floor for weeks tend to leave us actually looking more like hobos than carelessly attractive. And then there's always the jewelry, those "oh, I wear this every day" basic pieces that look good with everything. Why are they so hard to find when you're actually shopping for them?
Because you haven't stopped by Fluxus—the comfortable-jersey-cotton haven now carries jewelry from Jeffrey Levin at all its LA and OC locations. The South African born, LA-based designer uses recycled metals, non-conflict diamonds and more to create simple pieces that will be in your wardrobe for the long haul. Prices hover around $50 to $250 for the capsule collection in Fluxus stores, which is reasonable for something you'll wear often that isn't made from cheap-ass materials. And you'll be well on your way to looking like you never think about fashion—you just ooze stylishness naturally.
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