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The Vintage at Telltale Hearts Will Make Yours Beat a Little Faster

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We were automatically predisposed to like new Silverlake boutique Telltale Hearts based on the name alone. The boutique just opened on a sunny but unhurried stretch of Hyperion, where they offer a mix of vintage and edgier staples by brands like Kain, Funktional, and Seneca Rising.

Within a minute of walking into the store, we fell in love. They offer a very tightly edited selection of vintage from the late 70s, 80s and 90s that's extremely girly and fun. There's a lot of sparkles, lace, and ruffles; predominantly dresses. It's not a collection for everyone, admittedly. We couldn't find a thing that you would call "frumpy", "handsome", or "matronly". (Which, for whatever inexplicable reason, is what a lot of people go for.) This is the kind of fare you'd wear on a horseback ride -- if your horse was a magical disco unicorn. Seriously, some of this stuff is from Paris, and if that doesn't say "magical"?

The new merch provides an intriguing contrast. It's mostly interesting tees and tanks by Kain and Funktional, with a few dresses from Seneca Rising thrown in. And it's all mixed in with the vintage. The idea is that it's merchandised the way most people wear it -- a sprinkle of this, a pinch of that.

Another one of the store's huge selling points is how reasonable the merchandise is. We found blouses for $40; most of the vintage dresses we picked up were in the $60 - $80 range. We're told that they aim to keep it in the sub-$100 range, with a few exceptional exceptions. One of the Seneca Rising dresses, a convertible black and white maxidress, clocked in at $116, but that's still pretty reasonable.

The store also carries new and vintage jewelry, and a few pairs of vintage shoes, as well. Since they've been open for barely a month, Telltale Hearts will have new additions pretty regularly. If you like wearable glam vintage that won't break the bank, you really need to take a look. They're open Wednesday through Saturday, 1pm to 6pm.
· Telltale Hearts [Official Site]

Telltale Hearts

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