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A Current Affair's Ritzy Vintage Extravaganza

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Saturday night, A Current Affair had their third party/marketplace at the penthouse of the Cooper Building. Though of course, it's about the vintage shopping, it's a pretty sweet entertainment deal: $10 at the door for an open bar, fabulous people watching?and yes, getting to fondle merchandise from some of LA's favorite vintage peddlers.

We attended the first one, which was pretty fun, but this one was a huge improvement: there was a greater variety, and more merchants who offered wearable, everyday clothing -- because while it's fabulous and great, there really are only so many opportunities in one lifetime for wearing a Bob Mackie backless evening gown. But fear not, there was plenty of sequins, feathers, maribou, fringe, and lame, if that's what floats your boat.

With more than 25 merchants and sellers, including stalwarts like Scout and Siren Vintage, there was pretty much something for everyone. All of the merchants brought a good range of clothing -- while they may normally be known for certain specialties or eras, most sellers brought smorgasbords of high and low, fancy and practical. We found lots of pricey Chanel and Bakelite jewelry, but we also found charms and chains starting at around $20. We tend to like more flamboyant, statement pieces -- like the green and gold Oscar de la Renta '60s coatdress, bubblegum pink pointy toed Manolos, and YES, we confess we love us a marabou jacket; but the friend who went with us is a die-hard J. Crew fan, and she found plenty to swoon over, too.

Don't feel too bad if you missed it: it's been successful enough to warrant its status as a regular thing; and most of the merchants have regular shops around Los Angeles, so it's easy to seek them yourself. But it is really nice to be able to shop them all in the same place. And being able to drink while you shop means it's that much easier to drown out that annoying voice of reason in your head that's trying to dissuade you from dropping $300 on a fancy brocade cocktail gown.
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