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Tasteless Tsunami Tees

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Free Winona? Funny! Pluto: Never forget? A knee-slapper! But a t-shirt that reads I Survived the Big One: Japan, March 11, 2011 is pretty damn tasteless. But hey, first amendment says Bill Wyatt can make them. He's the owner of Y-Que in Los Feliz Village, birthplace of the previously mentioned t-shirts that gained cult followings. He is well-aware that the shirt might be offensive: "I do the shirts because it gives me something to do as a reaction to the news events like this one?but I think it is insensitive to the people who have truly been hurt and killed as a result of the tsunami and earthquake." The very least he could do would be to offer to donate the sales of the shirt to a relief fund, but so far, he's sold zero. [LAWeekly]