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+>-'s New Vintage at International Playground

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It looks like a rebus or a crazy new emoticon, but the name's Positive Greater Than Negative -- handily enough, it's also Kimi Recor's philosophy. Despite never having run a business before, she jumped at the chance when International Playground's John Pizzolato offered her her own half of the shop. She's been minding the store and selling the hell out of her own offerings for about a month and a half.

(Fear not: International Playground isn't going anywhere. In fact, they've added some cool new stuff: most notably, those fab Osborne oxfords that everyone is going to have on this summer).

+>- is well stocked, but not overwhelming. Kimi says she sells through the inventory pretty fast. The range is broad, which you can probably tell from peeping the photo of the rack that's all black, velvety and lacy and then seeing the other rack that's stuffed with color, texture, beading and bling. "For me, the secret is, if I see a piece, can I picture the person who'd be wearing it?" She says that if the answer is no, she won't purchase it, no matter how amaze the piece is. (We'd never thought about it like that before, but it totally makes sense, yes?)

And it looks like she's onto something. Besides picking up the pace at International Playground, she's going to have her very own popup at Space 15 Twenty next month. We'll keep you posted.
· Positive Greater Than Negative [Official Site]
· International Playground [Official Site]

International Playground

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