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Really Expensive Farm Chic

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What's with the fashion and dairy farm connection? While we understand the excitement of a fine cheese, all these fashion folk running around in the muck is udderly puzzling to us! The Wall Street Journal milks the story of the Manolo Blanik execs who also manage some serious heifers (we aren't being mean, we are talking bovine) on their dairy farm in Connecticut, where, yes, you guessed it: they sell some very expensive milk (as in, at least twice the average price). And, a paper of almost the same statue as the WSJ, suburban Philadelphia's own Mainline Times, delves deep into the world of Urban Inc (Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie, etc) owner and president Dick Hayne's dairy farm. Hayne's Farm, Doe Run, focuses primarily on cheeses: last year produced 15,000 pounds of it, some of which was sold at Hayne's other new venture, Terrain (a garden lifestyle store). Yogurt is coming soon. [WSJ, Mainline Today]