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Fill 'er Up at Urban Outfitters; Mighty Fine Tee Sale

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HOLLYWOOD—This weekend, Urban Outfitters at Space 15 Twenty is having a very special sale to benefit the American Red Cross' Japan relief effort. Pay $50 and you get to fill a sack up with sale goodness. 10% of all sales go to the Red Cross. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, noon to 7pm. 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd. [Space 15 Twenty]

DOWNTOWNMighty Fine is having a sample sale -- grab some tees for now, then stash some of your Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Marvel Comics, NBA, Scott Pilgrim, and Ugly Doll shirts for later so you can be ahead of the ironic t-shirt trend. It's tomorrow from 3:30 pm to 6pm. 2010 E. 15th St. [Bargains LA]

Space 15 Twenty

1520 North Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028 Visit Website