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Garance Breaks Down Fashion-Speak

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Photo blogger and Mr. Sartorialist-lover, Garance Dore broke a bit of the fourth wall this week on her blog with her recent post translating Fashion Speak: explaining the subtle sub-text and jabs of plastic surgery implications and less than healthy attitudes. For example, there's talk between 'friends' ("Oh wow, you look so? healthy!" = Is that a muffin top that’s about to pop out of your jeans?); model talk (I eat anything I want! = Seriously???); and talk that salespeople employ to get you to part with a lot of cash ("This cream is amazing. It has a base made entirely from oxygen! It costs $1,200 but, you know, oxygen is really rare!"). It's a bit snarky, but it's actually, kinda totally true. [Garance Dore]