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LA's Top Mannequin Men to Get a TV Show?

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More high-quality, LA-centric fashiony TV may be beamed into your living room come this fall: window display artistes ChadMichael Morrisette and Mito Aviles (better known, together, as CM Squared) are shopping around a reality show. Morrisette likens his window creations to street theater: "It's a dying art that people don't know about?It's more like installation art, and we use mannequins for the expression." They've currently got awesome stuff in the window at Madison, Alpha Man on Melrose, Diavolina and Atmosphere, and the pair gained a little national infamy in 2008. ChadMichael and Mito are awesome guys, so let's hope they get the chance to show America that they're not merely artistic rabble-rousers. [LAWeekly]

Madison on Melrose

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