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A Cartoon Catalog of the Inevitable Coachella Fug

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Starting on Friday, for three days, the annual Gathering of the Hipster Jugggalos Coachella thing gives males and females alike just cause to release their inner fashion ids and let the freak flag fly. The LA Weekly has rounded up the top ten fashion offenses, in handy cartoon form: their taxonomy ranges from the innocuous floral romper/cowboy boots combo to the dreaded Speedo with a fanny pack. These illustrations would be hilarious if not for the fact that they're all tragically TRUE. Have Spirithoodies already had their 15 minutes of completely-annoying-to-anyone-standing-behind-you fame and already played themselves out? Good. If you go and see any microtrends in the making, please make note/take pictures and send them our way.
· 10 Fashion Combinations You Will Find this Year (and Every Year) at Coachella [LAWeekly]