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Fake Bangs Are Like Toupees for the Ladies (or Emo Kids)

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When you have curly hair you can do lots of things with it that most people would have to spend hours to achieve. One thing, however, that you can't have is bangs.
If you can somehow make them straight, they are stringy; if you leave them curly, they are insane.

So when we came across a recent copy of NYLON that featured Mila Kunis with clip-in bangs, we went NUTS and decided to try them.

Fake bangs products are already a robust category, offering a plethora of options online and even a few readily available at stores in LA. Online, there's Urban Outfitters, which we ultimately rejected because we didn't like the way they were styled/photographed, and Hairdo from Ken Paves/Jessica Simpson?and we, um...didn't want to buy a Jessica Simpson product. Around LA there's "The Bang" at The Hair Shop in Mid City, and the one we picked, The Bang Thing from Sally Beauty Supply. And no, we didn't pick it based on its incredibly nuanced and descriptive name. The Bang Thing costs $22.99 in stores, less online, and we picked it primarily because we could buy it in person.

They are all made with real, natural hair, and come in a longer bang length. We trimmed ours to be slightly curved...mostly because we couldn't figure out how to make them totally straight. At the back there is are three clips attached to a cap that forms the base of the mini-toupee, um, bangs, so you can just clip them to your head.

As you can tell from the photos, we bought two sets of fake bangs -- all the more comparative analysis for you, and we were kind indecisive about hair color, at the moment.

The first clip in bangs we bought didn't totally match our hair, which at the time was various shades of blondes and browns. It was close in tone, but it was all one color: so the bang clip-in looked a little fake. Also, the way the hair was sewn into the piece gave a little 'bump' where the bangs met our head. So as a relatively short person we wondered if our tall(er) friends would be able to tell immediately. However, when worn the bangs were worn out for the first time to a friend's opening, at least five friends had fairly long conversations about how much they loved our new bangs. The hair was nice and soft and shiny. The clips were a little small: we worried about gusts of wind whooshing them completely out of our hair.

The second set was from the same brand and the same store, but the hair was much thicker, and the clips were much stronger. There was no 'bump' issue with this set. Because the clips are stronger you can attach them much more easily and worry less about them during the day and night. Again, total trickery with friends and other people: it's totally fun to eff with people and clip and unclip them in public. (One friend called us out because she is a fake hair expert.) But everyone else who assumes the hair on your head is yours were fooled.

Some things to consider -- if you are, in fact, considering fake bangs:

While the second set is thicker hair, both sets, because of how the hair is arranged on the cao, change the shape of your head.

The other call out is because of the disparity in the two sets purchased, we recommend not buying online so you can ask to open the packages to check out the hair thickness, color matching, way the hair is sewn into the cap (consistently lying flat) and clip size (bigger is better).

With both sets we were able to wear my hair up and down...but the up looks a little severe. But on bad hair days, they're a a pretty good distraction from your actual hair situation.

One fun bonus that you can't have with actual bangs: depending on where you place them on your crown, you can have super short quirky bangs, mid length regular bangs and longer side swept bangs. All in one day, or in one night out if you're friends will still talk to you while you rearrange yourself in public. (Story by Lizz Wasserman)
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