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The Biggest American Apparel Sex Scandal Yet

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If they're true, the latest allegations against Dov Charney are the most shocking and horrific yet: the short of it is major, ongoing sexual harassment that culminated in him forcing an 18-year-old American Apparel employee to perform oral services on him, and then he kept her as a "sex slave" (for hours, not years). The plaintiff in the lawsuit is asking for $260 million. A QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS. Ok, for the record, we are not doubting that there's at least some truth in this bombshell, but we gotta ask: if the harassment lasted for months, with him demanding that she send him sexually explicit pictures, requiring her to work extra hours for no pay, and then telling her to show up at his doorstep on her 18th birthday so he could wreak his havoc on her?why didn't she just quit? [Racked NY]