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Stars Galore Celebrate Opening of Vivienne Westwood's LA Store

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Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese at the same party? AWKWARD. Not to worry; we've been assured that everything was super-civil at the bash thrown to mark the recent opening of Vivienne Westwood's Melrose Avenue boutique. The store was jammed full of actual stars and high-powered LA fashion scene people: everyone from Christina Hendricks, Decades's Cameron Silver, Lady Victoria Hervey, and GASP, Mischa Barton, not looking too shoddy in the pictures. Oh, and Dame Westwood herself. Click through the gallery to see all the fabulosity, but be warned, you will need to put on sunglasses before you view the pictures of Vivienne and Christina together: all those wild shades of red hair will fry your retinas.
· Vivienne Westwood [Official Site]

Vivienne Westwood

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