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Rebecca Minkoff's Knockout Spring Colors

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Maricel Sison. 3/11

This past Saturday, the OC was graced with the presence of one of fashion's beloved handbag designers, Rebecca Minkoff: the Saks Fifth Avenue at South Coast Plaza held a special event to introduce Rebecca's new Spring 2011 collection.

Springtime is the opportunity for us to reintroduce those fun, brightly-colored articles of clothing that go into closet hibernation during the winter months, but it's the accessories that complete the look. Rebecca's upcoming lines of handbags are the perfect stand-alone additions to make that outfit a homerun. So who needs bright colors, florals, and lace? Unless we're talking carats, it's hard to compete with the ultimate accessory that is a Rebecca Minkoff purse.

In between nibbles of ahi tuna and sips of champagne, we had the pleasure of chatting with Ms. Minkoff as she graciously showed off and signed her wares for her legitimately smitten fans.

So out of all the bags you have out right now, tell us, do you have a personal favorite?
My favorite is the Cali bag, its simple; it has a good amount of detail, and it's not overwhelming. It surprisingly goes well with everything.

Now, Ben Minkoff, how's that doing and what are your future plans?
It's doing great! It's been getting positive feedback from the public. I just plan to keep the line going.

What went into the process of deciding what colors you were going with this season?
The process is long; we sit for long periods of time seeing what goes with what. There isn't really so much of a process, just seeing what works best.

Its spring, what is your favorite trend right now?
Maxi Dresses, I love how they’ve come back, I hope the trend never goes away; it's just so comfortable and looks great.

What next for you, any plans for fall or anything you'd like to share?
Well, I’m pregnant right now, so for fall, all I’m doing is this; the baby is due around that time so this is what I have planned.

Congrats!!! You totally do not look pregnant by the way; women could only be so lucky! Does that mean a new baby bag is in the works? (She has two styles currently available online)
Yes, I’ve been asked to design a baby bag that is specifically tailored to how I would want it. Maybe I'll do that in the future.

Now all of us are curious to know, what's in your bag?
(softly laughs) well, um my lip gloss, my cell phone, rental car keys. I know, I'm a total minimalist when it comes to what I carry in my purse. I try my best to put on the makeup before I leave the house just so I won't have to carry it around with me all day.

We can safely say that while she carries very little in her own purse she's got all of us women pining over her handbags. We're also loving the fact that $100 from the sale of each red handbag from her entire line will go to the Red Cross, and aide their tsunami relief efforts. (Story and photos by Maricel Sison)
· Rebecca Minkoff [Official Site]

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