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Galliano Totally Not First Designer Accused of Behaving Racistly

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It looks like the John Galliano-hearting-Hitler thing is winding down: he's been summarily dismissed from Dior and he's rumored to be holed up at a very posh rehab in Arizona -- though exactly what he's going to be rehabbed of is a mystery to us. This is certainly not the first time a bold-faced fashion name has misspoke or misbehaved, it brought to mind the Tommy Hilfiger scandal of 1996: he supposedly said that "?if I knew that blacks and Asians were going to wear my clothes, I would have never designed them." Which turned out to be a horrible urban legend that never happened at all. Liz Claiborne also got erroneously saddled with the racist tag due to a similar rumor. Bonus points for Liz: it was also rumored that she was a Satanist who gave 30% of her profits to the Church of Satan. [Racked, Snopes]