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Style Assembly Event Introduces Us to Some New Favorites

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Week before last, we went to event held by rep firm the Style Assembly at the Cooper Building, hoping to discover some new lines to get all obsessy about. Rough day, insane schedule, bad traffic meant we only had 50 minutes to spend there, but it was a very productive not-quite-an-hour. In addition to seeing some new looks from lines we're already well acquainted with, we found two new lines that make the heart beat a little faster.

The afternoon was our first introduction to designer Alice Wu and the very lovely Feral Childe. With its vintage sensibility, playful use of color and pattern, and details that are girly without being too twee, the line reminds us a lot of Marc by Marc Jacobs.

We didn't get to meet the actual gal behind Collina Strada handbags (her name is not Collina, but Hillary Taymour), but we got to spend some up-close-and-personal time with the bags, and they were every bit as good as they photos we'd seen lead us to believe. Rich, soft leather in really deep colors. The bags hold their shapes well, and they're made with quality hardware. We really can't condone the effort to bring the backpack back, but we will say Collina Strada's interpretation is one of the nicer ones out there.

Popomomo introduced some ingenious new pieces, like a convertible top/tunic/dress -- it comes with three snap-together pieces, and it works (and looks cute) in all three different options. They're continuing to use earthy colors as the basic palette, then adding in unexpected pops of color, and adding smart details.

And finally, the we pawed the new offerings from Minx. We've always known and loved them for their clutches that are sleek yet miraculously offer as much room as a handbag -- and their actual handbags are no less awesome. The new line features interesting shapes and finishes, including a textured leather that's a pretty accurate fake snakeskin. Though the selection of sizes, shapes and colors is really broad, "sophisticated, glamorous gypsy" is what the collection, as a whole, makes us think of.
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