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Happy Hunting at What Goes Around Comes Around

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What Goes Around Comes Around started an epic sample sale last week, offering a crazy assortment of vintage goods -- everything from 70's, 80s and 90s dresses to hipster vintage tees, accessories, and merchandise brought in just for the sale. It was in full swing on Saturday, when we decided to see it for ourselves. The variety of merchandise IS pretty impressive: every time we looked elsewhere then came back to the sale dresses table, new merchandise had been piled on top. Supposedly, there are so many pieces in reserve, that the sale will be restocked on a daily basis through April 9.

Vintage dresses are $30. Depending on your tastes, you may have to spend some time digging: there are some crazy fugly dresses thrown in the mix. Vintage rock and motorcycle tees are $20: you won't find anything uber-hipstery like Journey, Motley Crue, or any of those other tees that can fetch upwards of $300, but you will find stuff that should satisfy your ironic hipster dressing needs.

The designer vintage is on sale for 50% off, and WGACA has a pretty cherry selection that includes Vivienne Westwood, YSL, Thierry Mugler, and some wild Pucci pants that look like the most fashionable hospital scrubs ever. ( Sorry, people, none of the Chanel stuff is on sale.) But it's well worth your while to drop by, at least a few times, since who knows what you'll find in those piles of replenished merchandise.
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