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At Geren Ford, the Prices Are Tiny. And So Are the Clothes

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Geren Ford always does the best sample sales -- nice facilities, plenty of stock, recent merchandise, no hassle. We went to a preview of the latest sale, held at the showroom downtown. A couple of big rooms full of racks that were stuffed with colorful dresses, blouses, skirt and pants, with a table full of denim. It was awesome, except for one thing: we couldn't fit into anything. It's a true sample sale, with most of the samples being XS or S, or 0, 2 or 4. (If you fall in love with something, ask if they have it in your size: on a few pieces, they do have the full size range, but they aren't true samples, so they're priced higher). Besides many pieces from the Fall'10 line, there's a lot of Holiday'10, with those wonderful buttery jackets in purple, copper and red -- all $100, all smalls. There was also an assortment of Hawks by Geren Ford pieces, with many of the pieces available in bigger sizes. Shoes and accessories, too: the shoes were all $50 and came in all different sizes (though some hoarder biotch in front of us grabbed every single pair in our size, so none for us), and the belts were all Smalls. And $10. What a buy.

The $5 damaged bins seemed to yield a lot of treasure. When we went, there was a pair of girls who were?let's just say not exactly svelte, lording over the bins like they already owned everything inside of them, and they were pulling it awesome dresses, left and right. We ended up leaving empty-handed. But if you're itty-bitty, or your willing to invest some time in rooting around through stuffed racks and boxes, chances are good you'll go home happy. Sale hours: today 3pm to 7pm; Friday, 10am to 7pm, Saturday, 11am to 3pm, 530 Molino St.
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