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Sue Wong Fills Her Mansion with Shiny, Shiny Dresses

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Sue Wong and her dresses are in an echelon completely separate from LA Fashion Week. It sounds like a cliche, but she really is a favorite of the red carpet set, her dresses are carried in stores you've actually heard of (hello, Nordstrom? Bloomingdale's?), and she's probably never once thought, "What this dress needs is a Spiderman embroidered on the bodice." She puts on elegant little souirees during LAFW that aren't exactly a part of the week. This time around, she elected to welcome press, family, friends and admirers up to her mansion in Los Feliz -- a joint that both Johnny Depp and Jimi Hendrix called home, at one time of another. It's a pretty opulent affair; definitely a worthy setting for displaying her new fall collection.

The gowns are all dramatic, with all the Old Hollywood bells and whistles: fringe, intricate beading, vintage-looking lace. Lots of 1920s flapper looks, many of which were styled with sparkly minaudieres and wild headgear. In addition to roving models, Sue Wong operatives and celebs flitted about in her creations, which made it really hard to figure out what looks were new -- Sue Wong's dresses seem impervious to trends, so you could theoretically purchase one of her dresses and wear it for years and years and years, without it looking too dated or of a specific era.

And since Wong eschews the sluttiness that often passes for sexiness in Hollywood, chances are you could buy one of these dresses and wear it well into old age -- you know, like 34 or something. Seriously, women of all ages were rockin' their Wongs at the event: everyone from one of Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriends to a few grandmotherly types. There aren't many designers who can make THAT claim.
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