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Statement Making Eyewear, From $ to $$$

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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then getting new glasses is like?um, well, it might not change your essence but it's a good, low-impact way to switch up your look. Here are a few new and noteworthy favorites; there's something to fit almost every budget.

$: Some LA peeps tipped us off to Spexclub, an online purveyor of unique and fashionable prescription eyewear. Nothing's over $88, and the level of customization available is almost limitless. Most of the styles have a retro feel, but they're all brand new. So many ways to look hot, sexy and smart -- and for less than a franklin a pop, you don't just look smart, you ARE smart! Plus, they're running a contest right now so you could potentially spend zero dollars to look like a million.

$$: Who expected the new line of Anna Sui sunglasses to be so cute? These sunglasses don't look like one might expect a pair of sunnies bearing the Anna Sui name to look, but the designer has left her unmistakable touches all over the collection -- for example, the little black flowers, pink and purple accents, that general goth-cum-boho vibe. All seriously cute. The sunnies will be sold at her NY boutique starting this month, and roll out to other locations later this spring.

$$$: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen teamed up with eyewear goddess Linda Farrow to create distinctive shades for The Row. Prices start at $442; if you fancy the glasses with the croc accents, you're going to need to cough up $874.
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