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Slinky Nightcap Clothing Opens Its First Store in Venice

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Elizabeth Daniels, 2/11

No matter how hard the Fug Girls bag, there's a substantial portion of the population who, to paraphrase Charlton Heston, will give you their leggings when you pry them from their cold, dead legs. And all of them should thank their lucky stars that Nightcap Clothing opened in Venice. The company is known for its slinky, body-hugging knits and not-your-typical leggings -- including leggings that have have a crotchal-modesty band built right in.

The new Venice flagship store carries all their hits -- the lace yoga-style pants, lots of skinny ribs, dresses that fit like a second skin, but with a few surprises. Like no-nonsense knit shirts and cardigans that are surprisingly flattering on just about any body, and some unexpectedly girly dresses. We totally loved the peach lace tee in the pictures; it has a vintage vibe but it's totally wearable and not the slightest bit fussy.

Make no mistake, these aren't your $10 Target leggings: some of the Nightcap leggings go for close to $200. They're showcased appropriately, in a bright, slightly Boho boutique in the casual capital of Venice. We're not going to argue about if leggings do or don't qualify as pants; we're just saying that if you have to wear them, you might as well wear some nice ones -- like the ones at Nightcap.
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Nightcap Clothing

1225 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, CA 90291 310-450-1304 Visit Website