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B:Scott Brings Bags and Balls to the Runway

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Elizabeth Daniels, 3/11

Up-and-coming LA boy-brand B:Scott sent their Fall'11 collection down the Concept runway on Sunday night. We should have been prepared for a high degree of irreverence and swagger: before the show opened, they looped a video of guys, from various walks of life in assorted outfits and uniforms, adjusting their junk. Awesome. Which is not to say the clothing is adolescent or sophomoric -- it's pretty sophisticated, for what it is.

The B:Scott collection offers a Japanese/street/artsy look that requires the wearer to be young and lithe to pull it off. Most of the outfits were anchored by droopy-crotched, knicker-length pants ending with an elastic cuff, basically amounting to high-end sweatpants. (Sorry, guys, if you believe they look otherwise, you need to be set straight on this. But hey, it's not entirely a bad thing.) Some of the more fitted options were nice, like streamlined casual trousers that had a stripe of contrasting colored fabric running up the back.

Two other things we really liked from the collection: some of the jackets were amaze, especially the ones with the multi-zipfront, a twist that added a lot of interest to a staple. They also debuted a line of bags, most of which were crazy huge, but we did see one guy rockin' an attache like a clutch. (Again, fellas, sorry if you thought it looked different.) What do you put in bags that big? The bags were well-designed -- probably leather, we couldn't tell, but we dig the cognac colored ones.

As you can see from the photos, the models were sent out wearing black fabric masks over their faces, the better to focus the audience on the clothing. A couple of us Racked staffers discussed it after the show: One of us confessed she evaluates men's clothing by looking at it and trying to imagine if she'd think the guy who wore it was hot -- and the mask simplified this process. For the record, one staffer said she probably wouldn't be into the B:Scott guy, while another one said HELL YEAH.
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