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Katherine Wallach's Jewelry is More Blue Velvet Than Tiffany

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Elizabeth Daniels, 3/11

If you've ever wondered what it would look like if David Lynch decided to get into the jewelry business, you will be immensely pleased by Shoplift, the Venice popup dedicated to the jewelry of Katherine Wallach. Actually, if you're a fan of quirky jewelry or off-the-wall merchandising, the shop should be right up your alley: it's stuffed with oddball gems like monkeyhead cameos, big fat mouth pendants and?how to put this delicately, breast earrings are dangled from knives, slung across a wall, and carefully placed on a gold spiderweb. You can tell this is one lady with a very dark sense of humor. The collection includes less confrontational, more traditional baubles, too (gold chains, pretty charms, dangling earrings) but where's the fun in that? Wallach is an artist with a celebrity clientele, and her one-of-a-kind pieces will run you as much as a car, but the popup features a much more affordable collection for us mere mortals who only have a franklin or two to drop. The popup goes until March 27. Monday through Saturday 11am - 7pm; Sunday 11am - 6pm.
· Katherine Wallach [Official Site]