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The State of the LA Fashion Week Union

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The reigning champs of LAFW: Sue Wong (left) and Skingraft
The reigning champs of LAFW: Sue Wong (left) and Skingraft

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Depending on who you ask, LAFW sort of started at an event last week in Glendale, and the final official show is on Saturday March 19. Phew, talk about a long haul. The only really big surprise about the Fall/Winter'11 edition of LA Fashion Week is how many returning designers have signed up: Sue Wong, Skingraft, and a long, long list. Concept is back, as is Project Ethos and the Gower Studios shindig, LA Fashion Weekend. However, that magic fashion village downtown failed to materialize. We guess you can call this a "success story": White Trash Beautiful immigrated to NYFW, but LAFW gained another boho line, Gypsy05. The following is a pretty complete, though certainly not comprehensive (stuff gets added at literally the next-to-the-last minute) listing of some of the designer and labels participating:
Adiktion, Adolfo Sanchez, Anthony Franco, Ashley Paige, B:Scott, Biatta Intimates, Cardiwrap by Kymaro, Chemline, Chula Couture, Civil Society, Curly-V, Denim of Virtue, DEPT, Doctrine, Dolan, Dominique Ansari, Ermelinda Manos, Frederick's of Hollywood, Fremont, Front Street, Future Heretics, Ghita, Gypsy05, Henry Duarte, Ina Soltani, ISM Mode, J.C. Rags, Jen Awad, KITTINHAWK, L'une Collection, Lauren Elaine Designs, Lavuk, Liaison, martinMARTIN, Melanie Mills, Miilla, Mike Vensel, Musani Couture, Nathanaelle Couture, Nuvula, Onikai, Reneta J, Roark Collective, Science and Numbers, Skingraft, Stop Staring! , Thai Nguyen, The Battalion, Tony Cohen, Valerj Pobega, Whitney Eve, XCVI, Z Brand
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