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Nothing's Shocking at New Melrose Sex Store FUK U

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This past Friday, after months of aggravating the general public and titillating who knows how many Fairfax High Schoolers who traipse by it every day, FUK U opened. As much button-pushing as they've already done, we expected the store or its offerings to be pretty outre. It manages to be relatively tame for a sex shop. We hate to admit it, but we enjoyed some of the decor -- if they were aiming for a boudoir in Satan's brothel, then they hit the mark. Lots of red and a huge red chandelier that would look at home in Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. (Nevermind the fact that electricity hadn't been discovered then.) There are books, novelties (games, naughty greeting cards, massage oils), a few display cases filled with assorted dildos and vibrators that range from nearly innocuous like the fabled Hello Kitty vibe to artsy glass models to the elephantine and scary looking. The lingerie selection is fairly terrible. There are a few corsets that look like they were purchased from Hot Topic, and some cheesy lingerie that Ed Hardy wouldn't even deign to bedazzle. There's also another full wall dedicated to the needs of muscled men who enjoy having things placed up their?ahem, so anyway, with a name as aggressive and confrontational as the one they selected, you'd expect to find a selection of crazy shit, rather than the just mildly tawdry. We're kinda kicking ourselves for not buying anything; we'd love to know what the credit card imprint says or how they purchases will show up on your credit card statement.
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