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Kenneth Cole Exploits Egypt Crisis; SoCal's Accidental Cobbler; Kate Moss is Engaged

This guy makes really, really nice shoes. Image via <a href="">Esquire</a>
This guy makes really, really nice shoes. Image via Esquire

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· George Esquivel makes fancy shoes for Maria Cornejo, No Doubt [Esquire]
· Dancing With The Stars inspires sort-of expensive clothing line [LAT]

· Keep on buying MAC, Clinique, ladies: Estee Lauder is makin' lots of $$$ [Bloomberg]
· Making sense of food-as-clothing [WSJ]
· Kenneth Cole reaches new low in tweeting about Egypt to sell shoes [HuffPo]
· What will she wear? J. Lo is going to Obama's Superbowl party [LADailyNews]

· ... and in case you hadn't heard: Kate Moss is getting hitched! [Us]