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DIY to Die for at ArtString

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There's a hidden weaving workshop tucked on a side street in Hollywood. Knitter, crochet darling, and all around weaving wonder Emilie Odeile is the founder and owner of ArtString Boutique. Struck by the silver mannequins and bright lit space, we stopped in one night after a drink at Boardner's. There we found a quietly passionate artist busy at work on her loom in the rear of her lofty shop, framed by a flying mannequin and an incredible floor-to-ceiling wall of colorful thread spools. Loose knitwear - skirts, tunics, dresses - hung on the narrow clothing racks, conjuring visions of Ann Demeulemeester's early drapery and spidery weaves, but at a more accessible price. There are also wildly fantastical handmade pieces, like complex jackets and sweaters. ArtString carries an array of unusual accessories to complement your sexy new woven-Rick Owens-esque look, like crocheted teardrop earrings, metal bracelets, and her best idea yet: classic white eight-hole Doc Marten boots covered in black shredded knit. Emilie will even customize your old boots and give them new life. A new way to check out the handmade, cozy-chic goods: stop by ArtString's weekly Friday evening drop-in knit clinics, from 5:45-7:30pm.
· ArtString Boutique [Official Site]