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Beau + Aero's Moody Vibe and Outstanding Vintage

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Elizabeth Daniels, 01/11

One of the essential elements of success to any vintage store is perspective: like, whether or not they have one or if they just randomly accumulate interesting old stuff. Beau + Arrow has one of the most clarified aesthetics of any new vintage store we've seen for a while. The vibe could be described as "dark, brooding Americana." The boutique, which recently opened in Venice, features a sort of True Grit X Mad Max aesthetic, but it still manages to be feminine and inviting.

The clothes, shoes and trinkets are the stars of the show. The collection includes everything from extremely well preserved dresses and shirts that look as if they'd been meticulously stashed in a time machine, to perfectly thrashed boots and leather goods. Considering the artistic presentations and quality of goods, we got sticker shock -- in the good way. Boots starting around $100, sweaters and dresses starting around $60, and some of the new jewelry was going for $80 (but went up to much, much higher prices).
· Beau + Arrow [Official Site]

Beau + Aero

2307 Main Street, Santa Monica, California 90405 323-452-7700 Visit Website