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Give the Gift of Awe This Holiday Season

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This holiday season, give the gift of awe and take everyone you know on an imaginary journey through the evolution of cinema from its very beginning to the inception of the soundstage. IRIS: A Journey Through The World of Cinema, is the most recent and thrilling spectacle from Cirque du Soleil, combining dance, acrobatics, live video, film footage, and interactive projections.
Way better than any film studies retrospective, IRIS will take you to the heart of the movie-making process as you engage in a fantastical voyage from illustration to animation, black and?white to color and silent films to talkies. Dancers and acrobats will do things you can only dream of doing, as they illustrate the mechanics of cinema and its ability to deceive the eye.
Get your tickets for IRIS: A Journey Through The World of Cinema, playing now at L.A.'s Kodak Theatre. >>