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A Woman Asked Santa at Westfield Topanga For a Husband

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Mall Santas are iconic, a harbinger of the Christmas season and a kitschy mainstay of shopping centers across the country. This year, we sat down with a few LA-based Santas to ask them some tough questions. It's Time for Santa.

Elizabeth Daniels, 12/19/11

Racked: When did you begin Santa-ing?
Santa: Well I've been doing this for hundreds of years by now.

Racked: How long did it take you to grow your beard?
Santa: You know I've always had a beard, and just have grown it a little bit longer more recently.

Racked: How do you maintain it?
Santa: Just regular hygiene methods: you shampoo it and condition it and go from there!

Racked: What's your favorite snack (aside from milk and cookies)?
Santa: I'm kind of partial to trail mix.

Racked: What's the oddest present request you've ever received?
Santa: Well, I had an adult visit not too long ago and she asked for a husband. I said, "We'll see what Santa can do!" [laughs].

Racked: What's the most popular present(s) this year?
Santa: Barbie, of course, for all the girls and this year Nintendo 3DS (it's the little hand-held 3D version).

Racked: Where does Mrs. Claus like to shop?
Santa: Of course right here at the Westfield Topanga mall! She kind of shops where she wants to shop.

Racked: How do you prepare for a day of work?
Santa: I reflect on the happiness of the children, their faces and their smiles and that helps me prepare for the day.
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Westfield Topanga

6600 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Canoga Park, CA 91303