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Mindy Kaling On Fashion: Loves Wedges, Hates Ironic Tees

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Photo via Oprah.com

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We know that writer/actress Mindy Kaling is into shopping because we're fans of her blog, The Concerns of Mindy Kaling (formerly known as Things I've Bought That I Love), where she often writes about purchases she wants to make or has made. Kaling just sat down for a live chat with the readers of Jezebel and among the many questions asked was, "What are the fashions you would like to see 1) take off 2) go away 3) come back?" Her answer was, predictably, funny and on-point:

"I love dressy shorts and jumpsuits. I wish I could wear them everywhere. I just tried to convince my best friend that I could wear one to her wedding as a bridesmaid and she hated it super passionately. I love wedge boots and I wish men would get on board with them. I don't dress expressly for men or anything, but it would be nice if every guy I knew didn't hate that style. (Why do they hate wedge shoes?). I hate ironic T-shirts.
Truly, does every guy hate wedges?
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