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Heather Lipner of Uncovet Shares Her Truly Covetable Style

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Style Icon is semi-regular series that highlights Angelenos who aren't strictly in the business of fashion, but who have an affinity for style, clothing, retail?or just plain looking good.

Elizabeth Daniels, 12/8/11

Everyone knows the stereotype of the nerdy computer geek. Prepare to throw that misperception out the art deco window of Heather Lipner's beautiful LA pad. This tech maven brings her innate and unique sense of style to everything she does, from a role as the creative director of Myspace to launching a new shopping site, Uncovet.

We sat down with Heather in her sunlit apartment to talk inspiration, shopping, clothes that light up, and how to be comfortable at all times.

How would you describe your personal style?
Eclectic, relaxed, comfy, a little tiny bit sexy, and generally super-easy. I like mixing vintage textures, prints and patterns.

You live in near 3rd street and Robertson, which is such a great shopping hood. Where are your favorite places to shop in LA?
Reformation, Creatures of Comfort, American Rag, and I love the Rose Bowl! I also go to Fairfax Market and Wasteland.

Between Uncovet and your other projects, you are online constantly. Where do you like to shop online?
Shopbop is number one for me, for sure. I like Bloomingdale's, Amazon is really underrated for things like shampoo and conditioner, and of course I love Etsy.

For Uncovet you curate a unique selection of items daily for subscribers. Is the site a reflection of your personal style or do you have a customer in mind?
It's a bit of both. I try to find things that a lot of people will like, but that are harder to find. The site has daily themes related to what's on my mind at any given time, so right now it's holiday gifts and clothes and accessories for colder weather. I also think about what friends would like and imagine what different people would wear.

You work primarily from home, but have meetings all over town. How do you dress at home versus for meetings?
At home I'm always comfy. I don't even wear jewelry because most of my jewelry is really heavy! But for meetings I really have no rules. I wear whatever I want.

Do you have a go-to uniform?
No. I get really bored, so I like to switch it up. I'm always getting something new, so it's always changing. Whatever I like, I wear.

Do you think you have LA style?
I think wherever I would live I would be influenced by the culture, but there's always a core to what I like that remains the same.

Since you work in tech, we have to ask one tech-y type question. What do you think about clothes that light up or that can charge your iPod?
I have a friend that works in that industry. It's great for like, performance art. I've seen musicians use things like that for costumes. I guess I would wear something that charged my iPod if it looked good. I just haven't seen anything like that yet.

What inspires you?
People's successes inspire me. When something feels unique and new it gives me energy. Objects, fashion, seeing great design, whether online, in magazines, our out at friends' houses or restaurants. And music always inspires me!
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Creatures of Comfort

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American Rag

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