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Adrienne Maloof on Botox, Shoes and the Real Housewives

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Real Housewife Adrienne Maloof sat down with trade mag Women's Wear Daily in NYC last week to promote her new shoe line with Charles Jourdan, which is available now online and at Macy's in Sherman Oaks. Their conversation, which seemed more focused on Maloof's life and relationships than on her interest in the fashion industry, spanned the following topics:

· Her personal wealth (she's valued at $300 million): "There is no magic wand. It all comes down to hard work, take care of your employees, watch your overhead and give back."
· Her relationship with her husband, plastic surgeon Paul Nassif: "I met him through a mutual friend. No, it wasn’t from doing Botox. I know people say that. You’d be surprised how many people have asked that. That’s a L.A. question."
· Just how real Real Housewives is: "You would see what you see when the cameras are rolling, fortunately and unfortunately. It’s exactly the way it is. The production company has really done a fabulous job because they have really captured those candid moments for better or for worse. "
· Her favorite designers: "Obviously, I like Charles Jourdan, and Alice + Olivia because you get to be a little more cutting edge but they are also classic. If you want to get higher-end, I like Dolce & Gabbana. For my suits, I love Armani suits still. Stella [McCartney], [Roberto] Cavalli, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen."
· And fellow Housewife Taylor Armstrong, whose husband Russel killed himself last year: "I just saw Taylor a week ago. She looks great. She looks fantastic. Her daughter is resilient."

Maloof, as one of the most level-headed on the show, seems to be capitalizing on her fame nicely. Asked why she was so driven, she responded: "at a very young age, my father said, 'You want these nice things? You’ve got to work for them.'”

She's not stopping with one collaboration: According to WWD, Maloof's empire-building plans include "handbags, a clothing line, a lower-priced signature shoe collection, potentially a reality show of her own and a big-time restaurant deal."
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