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Hemingway and Pickett Is Perfect For Your Decor Needs

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Hemingway and Pickett is a gift cornucopia for design fans, nesting friends and anyone else that needs a little more lovely in their life.

Curated by Toby Burke Hemingway, it's named after his grandfather's distribution store in Melbourne and looks to Australia for many of its unique pieces. Almost every inch of the small shop is covered in something awesome that's presented in a clever way (jewelry in petri dishes!).

Accessories like Vera Meat's imaginative jewelry and Hamish Munro's rope necklaces; kitchen items such as patterned tea towels, glasses, and artist's prints; and whimsical home goods including Henry zigzag Pouffes and stoner-classy ceramic log pipes—Hemingway and Pickett has it all and more.
· Hemingway and Pickett [Official Site]