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Santa at the Beverly Center Fields Requests for iPads

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Mall Santas are iconic, a harbinger of the Christmas season and a kitschy mainstay of shopping centers across the country. This year, we sat down with a few LA-based Santas to ask them some tough questions. It's Time for Santa.

Elizabeth Daniels, 12/8/11

Racked: When did you begin Santa-ing?
Santa: Oh, hundreds of years ago. It's been really a long haul.

Racked: How long did it take you to grow your beard?
Santa: I can't remember ever being without it. It's been hundreds of years.

Racked: And how do you maintain it?
Santa: I shower and I brush it out real nice and I blow dry it sometimes...not all the time, though.

Racked: Aside from milk and cookies, what's your favorite snack?
Santa: Oh I would have to say that'd be the Wetzel's Pretzels. I'm sorry, I'm losing my voice. Lots of talking. Children, you know.

Racked: What's the oddest present request you've received this year?
Santa: One little girl, she said right back to me, "Santa, what would you like for Christmas?" I thought that was so darling. And I'm always amazed at the children who at five years old ask for an iPad.

Racked: What are the most popular presents this year?
Santa: Oh, I would say the Apple iPad. And anything 3-D from Sony. And the latest trends like H&M and Forever 21. Anything that sparkles and shines.

Racked: Where does Mrs. Claus like to shop?
Santa: Lot of times Macy's and Bloomingdale's and she's always got a wish list for Tiffany.

Racked: Did you already buy her present?
Santa: Nothing's been done yet. I've been so busy with the children.

Racked: How do you prepare for a day's work?
Santa: Always like to have my boots shined, my uniform looks clean, and I do a little shaving around the perimeter of my beard, and brush my teeth of course. The children have to see a clean Santa.

Want to meet Santa? He'll be at the Ice Palace in Center Court on Level 6 of the Beverly Center from noon to 8pm through December 23 and from 11am to 6pm December 24. Photo packages range from $20 to $45.


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