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Alice + Olivia's Stacey Bendet on Dressing Down, Kid's Fashion

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Photo via Alice + Olivia
Photo via Alice + Olivia

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Last night, a host of celebs gathered at The London for Alice + Olivia's now-annual party to celebrate Jessica Seinfeld's charity Baby Buggy. Among the attendees: Maria Menounos, who was wearing a sparkly gold minidress; Ali Later, who was also wearing sparkles (of the black variety); Taryn Manning, who was definitely not wearing anything sparkling or mini; and Evan Handler of Sex and the City fame, in a suit, looking somewhat petite. We managed to finagle some time alone with Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet, who was sharing hosting duties with Seinfeld, to ask her about her charitable leanings and her version of mom style.

Racked: How did you get involved with Baby Buggy?
Stacey: I got involved through my friend Stefani Greenfield [of Scoop] who's on the board and then I met Jessica Seinfeld. I had known about Baby Buggy for years and after I had my first daughter I donated stuff to them. You realize once you've had a child just how much stuff you really do need for that baby and how expensive it is. And then, within a few months, how much stuff you don't need that's barely used but is really usable to someone who's about to have a baby. Last year they were launching in LA and I asked them if they wanted us to do an event with them and so we did this last year and now it's becoming our annual toy drive kickoff.

Racked: Now that you have two kids, what do you find that you really need and have to stock up on? What are you buying?
Stacey: I'm buying pajamas like a crazy person. Because they're cotton and I don't like when they get grungy. They get washed a few times and then you're like, ew, they can't wear that anymore. And my baby is so big, my eight-month-old has grown so fast, she's in like age two pajamas so literally every week I'm like, really? New pajamas? I'm a pajama hoarder.

Racked: Has having kids changed your outlook on your own fashion and on kid's fashion?
Stacey: Well, I became better at designing kid's clothing once I had kids. There were things I used to use, like beautiful buttons, and now I'm like, if it doesn't snap I hate it. And then for my own personal style, on the weekends it changes a little bit cause I'm like running around and picking them up and whatever but overall, no, I'm still in six-inch heels. On the weekends sometimes I'll pay a little more attention to comfort.

Racked: What's dressed down for you?
Stacey: Um, like black fur instead of metallic.
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