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Watch Marion Cotillard Go Nuts in Dior's Spoof on L.A.

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French fashion house Dior has just released a new campaign video for their Lady Dior bag named "L.A.dy Dior," which is essentially a light-hearted jab at the over-the-top tendencies of both the fashion industry and Los Angeles. Actress Marion Cotillard stars in the John Cameron Mitchell-directed film, posing as a soft-spoken ingénue preparing for a photoshoot for the iconic bag.

In the process, she encounters a series of neurotic stylists, prodding make-up artists, kiss-ass agents, and eccentric photographers; she eventually loses it toward the end of the shoot. Her torment only further rouses the ridiculous photography crew as they snap her frantically ripping off her blonde wig and clothing—all the while waving her chic Lady Dior bag, of course.
· Dior [Official Site]