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Bloomie's Will Get a Renovated Galleria to Call Home; Possible New Locations Coming Soon?

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Last week, the folks at the Glendale Galleria announced that they'd lured a Bloomingdale's to occupy the old Mervyn's space, with a scheduled opening date of Fall of 2013. There's also a pretty epic Galleria renovation in the works: one that will take it from its current dark, dank, Middle America circa 1994 look to a light, bright look that can hold its own against any fancy-shmancy Westfield. (We wonder if the ProActiv vending machine will be a casualty of the move to go upscale.) A tipster alerted us to the fact that the Galleria just posted renderings for the redo.

We've also been hearing rumors that there could be another LA-area Bloomingdale's setting up shop in the near future. One source has indicated that a new Bloomie's would grace Westfield Topanga, which totally makes sense, given the upscale vibe (the center already has a Neiman Marcus and a Nordstrom). We've heard a slightly less credible, but still interesting notion that Bloomie's could take over the old Nordstrom space at Los Cerritos Center. It makes sense, from the standpoint that the area -- not exactly LA, not exactly Long Beach, not exactly Orange County -- isn't completely saturated with Bloomingdale'ses. And while "posh" may not be the first thing you think of when you think about Cerritos, the Los Cerritos Center Nordstrom is pretty swanky, offering brands like blue-chip brands like Valentino, Burberry and hipper, contemporary brands like Vince, Elizabeth and James, and Phillip Lim.

What do you think? Would it be a stretch to see a new Bloomingdale's in Cerritos? And here's a bigger question: does a proliferation of Bloomingdale's somehow make the chain less special or feel less exclusive?
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